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etl workshop overview

The Empathetic Technical Leadership workshop is a three+ day course where you’ll get to know yourself better, practice collaborating with empathy, and build new skills to bring back to your team on Monday morning.

Through a series of personal practices, group exercises, and a sprinkling of programming projects, you’ll have a chance to step outside your comfort zone and make real connections, building a new understanding of what it means to work together.

you will learn…

What you take away will depend on you. Here are some of the things you’ll have a chance to learn at the ETL workshop:

and you may find…

who should attend

Leadership isn’t about a title. To us, anyone who works on a team delivering software – and who cares about the work and the team – is a leader. As for whether you have to be a developer – if you’ve played with code, you know enough.

what to bring

If you are able, please bring a laptop, plus an external keyboard and mouse. Wear comfortable, weekend clothes.

where and when?

No public workshops are currently scheduled. If you’re bummed about that, you can help make one happen at your company or in your town. Drop us a line or talk to us on twitter.


Alex Harms

Developer, coach, and meditation guide, Alex brings warmth and compassion to technology. By teaching and coaching from a place of mindfulness and empathy, Alex helps disempower fear, strengthen communication, and build connection, so that tech teams learn together and thrive. Author of The Little Guide to Empathetic Technical Leadership, host of The Geek Joy Podcast, and coach at Maitria.

Michael (Geepaw) Hill

GeePaw Hill, deeply based not in theory but in actual practice, has been helping geeks produce for over a decade using the techniques of Extreme Programming, Scrum, and Kanban. He loves to help geeks discover how to be more who they wish to be.

Jason Felice

Jason Felice has been coding for fun since 1980, and for money since 1995. His tools range from ML and C++ to Clojure and Javascript. He’s also studied meditation and nonviolence for the past few decades, and is committed to compassion and mindfulness in his work.